Better Than An Elliptical Bike?

So in my search for the best elliptical bike, I came across a new type of elliptical trainer.

I’m calling it a hybrid elliptical climber. It’s like an elliptical trainer- with a climbing motion instead of a running motion on the bottom.



You still have the upper body arm bars to train and tone your arms and shoulders.

But the bottom feels more like you’re climbing the stairs or a hiking up a cliff.

The advantage to this – supposedly – is that you burn more calories. Not surprising since climbing a mountain vs walking on a flat surface will do that for you.

This is an obvious choice if you’re looking to burn fat faster in less time.

I think these machines probably do best around Christmas or New Years when everyone is doing those weight loss new years resolutions. But are they a good choice for you?

There are a few different types of these climbing elliptical trainers. Here’s my take on them:


Bowflex Max Trainer

This is really the one that started off the craze. It came out about 3 years ago and took off. It’s still one of the best-selling climbing elliptical trainers on the market.


There are 3 different types of trainers – the M3, M5 and M7. Each one is a different price point, but they start around $999, making them pretty affordable and easily comparable to elliptical trainer prices.

The M7 is the high-end model and has all sorts of fancy bells and whistles like a backlit console, online tracking programs and sleek racing pedals.

The M5 is the mid-stream model and would be my choice. You get more resistance than the M3 and a better console.

If you want to learn more including how the different models compare, then the Bowflex Max Trainer site here is a good resource.


Proform HIIT Trainer

This model came out some time last year and as far as I can tell is selling pretty well. However it doesn’t have all of the weight loss success stories that the Bowflex Max has yet.


It’s still kind of new for that. It also doesn’t have the studies to prove it helps you burn more calories than a regular crosstrainer like the Max Trainer does.

There are 2 different models – the HIIT and the HIIT Pro. Prices start around $1299 and the Pro model is about $500 more with a few more fancy toys including a full-color console.

The only thing I didn’t like about the HIIT trainer was that you don’t get the specially made high intensity interval workouts built-into the machine like you do with the Max Trainer. You have to get an online subscription to iFit LIVE and pay extra for them.

In my opinion, that kind of defeats the purpose of buying the machine.


In any case, that’s a recap of the two climbing elliptical trainers on the market right now. I suspect that this Christmas we’ll probably hear about other models coming out – especially with the success of the Bowflex Max.

If you do decide to get one of these trainers, take your time and do your research first as each one is a bit different from the next one.

I personally prefer the ability to ride a bike – or elliptical trainer. So they’re not for me. But they are pretty interesting and I wonder if they are the next “big thing” in the fitness equipment world.


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